Common Work at Home Problems and How to Resolve Them

Common Work at Home Problems and How to Resolve Them

I recently started working from home as a Virtual Assistant at The VA Hub ( I’m proud to say that I am one of the best!) and man what a delight! I have since had more time with family, myself and sleep. No more stressful, long hours of travel and traffic. Food and coffee is always at arms length. Amidst these benefits of working at home are challenges, too. Sometimes, being a virtual assistant is not all rainbow cupcakes and unicorns.

There are issues you need to face and be ready for! I’m talking about computer crashes, unexpected power interruptions and internet outages!

These issues are more than inconvenient; they make you lose precious
time and money. They can be a source of fears and endless what ifs.

But hey, no worries! There’s a solution to every problem. Always have a back up plan to minimize lost time and money.

Let’s talk about them one by one!


Internet Outages

First of all, don’t panic. Before this strikes check the following:

  1. Check power and cable connections of your devices. Secure all cable connections because they may be come loose for some reason. Make sure the outlet you’re using is working properly.
  2. Basic troubleshooting – reboot wireless gateway, modem or router. You can also clean up cache and cookies in your computer. If  number 1 and 2 fails then its time to call tech support from your provider.
  3. Confirm that your account is up to date on payments. Late payments can
    cause interruption of service.


Power Outages

Again, don’t panic. The key is to prepare in advance. Sometimes power outages come without warning. Here are some preparations you can do:

1. Make sure all of your devices are fully charged. Downloaded all necessary documents you need for work.

2. Find a free WiFi connection from any local coffee shops (Be a good customer, buy something before you use). If coffee shops aren’t an option, go a public library.

3. Purchase a mobile broadband stick or modem for backup.

4. Use your mobile as an internet source.

5. If you have a car, use it as a giant charger. If your doesn’t have an outlet, you need to use a car charger adapter and this need to be bought in advance since this is part of being prepared.

6. If budget permits, invest in a back-up generator.


Computer crash

Some signs that your computer is going to crash:

1. You receive errors and this means something is wrong and your computer is not functioning normally.

2. Back up all important files before it’s too late.

3. Your computer frequently becomes overheated. This means that the cooling system is no longer working and this may lead to more serious computer problems.

So what to do?

1. Always perform system maintenance.

2. Close programs that are not in use and uninstall applications that you don’t need.

3. Install and regularly update an anti-virus software. Keep viruses out of your life! Most especially from your computer!


Nobody is immune to internet outages, power outages and computer crash. Anticipate all possible issues and have have a back up plan. This is what The VA Hub stands for! This is what they teach during training.  They teach you early in the game so that by the time you’re hired by a client, you’re more than ready!

Today is the day to start your career with us! Make the smart move now and be the best virtual assistant there is!

Contributor: Iris Melanie T.