Becoming A Better Virtual Assistant

Becoming A Better Virtual Assistant

Becoming A Better Virtual Assistant

One cannot deny that the virtual assistance industry is on the rise. Over the past few years, many Filipinos have seen the value of working from home as a virtual assistant. How people work over the past years has evolved and technology plays a very big part in the modern work landscape. The technology is available for everyone to leverage but there are still some things that hold people back to venture into this career or business. 

In this online course, the learner should gain an understanding of why it is important to change his/her mindset when they decide to become a virtual assistant. One has to always look at the bigger picture and see things in a different perspective. The learner will also realize that seeing things differently and changing their mindset will help them achieve their goals. It basically discusses an essential personal quality one should possess to succeed in the virtual assistance industry.

The course will also tackle what to expect in terms of tasks that a potential client will assign them when one becomes an executive virtual assistant. It will also provide some tips and best practices to help the learner understand these tasks and how to manage and accomplish them.

The course also provides a review of general etiquette practices in the United States. The learner will gain an understanding that professionalism needs to be practiced when it comes to communication and that it also applies to employees who work virtually with their clients.

The course includes the following modules:

  • Agent VS Assistant Mindset
  • EVA Tasks and Best Practices
  • Business Email, Phone, and Text Etiquette


  1. Agent VS Assistant Mindset

    The module aims to show how INITIATIVE is a very important quality that an aspiring virtual assistant should have to have a lasting relationship with their future clients.
  2. EVA Tasks and Best Practices

    As an Executive Virtual Assistant, one is the right-hand man or woman of the business owner. The EVA is pretty much the business owner’s go to person for almost anything -- business or personal.
  3. Business Email, Phone, and Text Etiquette

    In this module, the learner will appreciate how professionalism plays a big role when it comes to communication, what communication method to use and when to use them.