Circle Prospecting

Circle Prospecting

Circle Prospecting

Apart from being a task handed over to lead generation specialist, Circle Prospecting, at its core, is like picking up a phone book and calling random phone numbers. It is an absolute cold-calling task. The people or “leads”  the lead generation specialist will be calling are normally in a specific geographic area or neighborhood where their agent or agency sold or listed homes and the goal is to get as many potential buyers and sellers as possible. The phone numbers the lead generation specialist will be calling will come from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool such as Mojo, Vulcan 7, RedX that offers the neighborhood search feature.

Circle Prospecting is called as such because one is circling back in the community where your agent or agency sold or listed a home. It’s a survey and also a marketing call promoting your agent’s or your agency’s track record.

The course will include a module dissecting two possible scripts used in circle prospecting. Before taking this course, it is important to note that the learner should have already gone through the Home Buyer Prospecting and Home Seller Prospecting modules. These two modules are essential to have a better understanding of circle prospecting.

A sample call at the end of the module is available so the learner will have a preview of a typical circle prospecting call flows using one of the two scripts included.

The following are the modules included in this course:

  • Circle Prospecting Script Dissection
  • Circle Prospecting Objection Handling
  • Sample Circle Prospecting Roleplaying Call


  1. Circle Prospecting Script Dissection

    The video aims to have the learner understand the scripts used when calling potential buyers and sellers in a specific geographic area where the agents or their teams have sold or listed homes.
  2. Circle Prospecting Objection Handling

    Circle prospecting calls can be tricky and will usually have an element of surprise to them.
  3. Sample Circle Prospecting Roleplaying Call

    For one to get an idea about how a circle prospecting call flows, the learner can listen to this sample call provided.