Home Buyer Prospecting

Home Buyer Prospecting

Home Buyer Prospecting

In this online course, the learner will have an overview of the real estate transaction in the perspective of the home buyer – the steps a home buyer takes with the assistance of a real estate professional.

The course will also cover a system of questions that a lead generation specialist working with a buyer’s agent needs to ask to gather information and ultimately have the buyer lead agree to an appointment to meet with the agent. Asking these questions is key to determine the needs of the home buyer lead. 

It is also important  to note, as buyer lead generation specialists, it is actually less about using any particular script and more about knowing what questions and how to ask these questions about what is standing in the buyer’s way to get their dream home.  We ask buyer pre qualifying questions to learn the needs of each lead and look for opportunities to help them move forward in the home buying process. 

This course will not only dissect a buyer lead generation script, which incorporates the pre qualifying questions for buyers, but also common objections that buyer leads would say when they receive a call from a lead generation specialist. The learner will also know how to handle these objections using appropriate rebuttals. These rebuttals are not only meant to educate the buyer lead but also for the lead generation specialist set up quality appointments for their buyer’s agent.

A sample call at the end of the module is available so the learner will have a preview of a typical buyer lead generation call flows.

The following are the modules included in the course:

  • Home Buying Process
  • Buyer Lead Script Dissection
  • Buyer Lead Objection Handling
  • Sample Buyer Lead Roleplaying Call


  1. Home Buying Process

    a recap of the real estate transaction process will be given in the perspective of the buyer.

    The learner will have acquired an understanding of buyer lead generation and management.
  3. Buyer Lead Script Dissection

    The script discussed in the video is derivative of the Mike Ferry Scripts. The module aims to provide the learner an understanding of scripts used during buyer lead generation calls utilizing the system or set of questions LPMAMAS.
  4. Buyer Lead Objection Handling

    A lead generation specialist could always wish to get on a call with a buyer lead with very minimal or without any objections when he or she tries to set up an appointment between the lead and his or her agent.
  5. Sample Buyer Lead Roleplaying Call

    For one to get an idea about how a typical buyer lead generation call flows, the learner can listen to this sample call provided.