Real Estate In the US

Real Estate In the US

Real Estate In the US

Real Estate in the US is a very broad topic to cover. In this online course, the learner will have a simple and easy-to-digest overview covering the basic concepts and terminology in the industry. The module will start with a brief history lesson, the legal rights gained by a property owner when they acquire a particular property, the real estate transaction process in the perspective of the real estate professionals and their clients, and agreements between real estate agents and their respective clients. 

The course will also give its learners an overview of the system used in listing properties, how the system looks like and how to manage a listing. 

Once a property gets listed on the market, listing agents and their clients will start receiving offers. The course will also provide an overview of the offers process, the types of financing used in agreements, contract ratification process and a quick discussion on the home buyer’s due diligence. In relation to the offers process, the course also shows the essential parts of the real estate purchase agreement that a virtual assistant should be familiar with.

The real estate transaction process can be quite tedious so real estate agents would hire an assistant to take over transaction management or transaction coordination. The course also provides a simplified discussion on the transaction coordination timeline.

In this course, learners will acquire sufficient knowledge on

  • Introduction to Real Estate in the US
  • Real Estate Offers Process
  • Multiple Listing Service
  • Sample Residential Purchase Agreement Dissection
  • Transaction Coordination
  • Lead Generation and Management


  1. Introduction to Real Estate in the US

    In this module, one will be introduced to the Real Estate Industry in the United States. There are similarities and differences between how real estate is practiced in the United States and the Philippines.
  2. Real Estate Offers Process

    In this module, the learner will acquire a basic understanding of the real estate offers process in the United States. When a property gets listed on the market through the Multiple Listing Service or the MLS, property owners may already start receiving offers from potential buyers.
  3. MLS Introduction

    In this module, an explanation of the Multiple listing Service or the MLS will be provided. The concept of the MLS was introduced in the module Introduction to Real Estate Industry in the US.
  4. Sample RPA Dissection

    In this module, a sample residential purchase agreement or RPA from the state of California will be dissected. The discussion included in this module is essential if one is to be assigned as a transaction coordinator for a real estate agent.
  5. Transaction Coordination

    In this module, the learner will acquire a basic understanding of the transaction coordination process and its timeline. This will also introduce the learner to some real estate documents or forms required in a real estate transaction.
  6. Lead Generation and Mangement

    Maecenas feugiat sagittis tortor, eu adipiscing dui dictum at. Sed sed felis pharOne of the most common tasks assigned to a real estate virtual assistant is lead generation and management. A client who is a real estate professional would hire a virtual assistant to assist them in generation leads through different methods and managing different types of leads in through various action plans set by the real estate agent.