Google Chrome Extensions for Individuals Who Work From Home

Google Chrome Extensions for Individuals Who Work From Home

One of the benefits of working from home is having the freedom to manage our own time and work on our tasks at our own pace. And since working remotely requires us to be connected and have our browsers up most of the time, things that we see online may tend to distract us from being productive. But, our clients need not to worry, Google offers a solution on how we can avoid procrastination.

Google describes Google Chrome Extensions as small software programs that customize the browsing experience. Extensions offers a wide array of tools that can keep us focused as we work.

Here are some of the Extensions tools that can help us become more efficient while online:

  1.   Google Keep

As the name suggests, Google Keep can help us keep our data and thoughts in order. It can be used to save notes, create to-do lists, transcribe voice memos, collaborate with colleagues and help us easily organize files. We can even color code and add labels, set location-based reminders. And best of all, we can access it anywhere as long as we’re online using our phone, tablet, laptop.




  1.   Clockify Time Tracker

Clockify Time Tracker helps us track the time we spend on activities for FREE. We use this for billing our clients, analyzing our productivity and check if there are some tasks what we are spending too much time on and that needs improvement. It’s convenient to use because it can be integrated with our web apps. It even offers keyboard shortcut to start or stop the timer.




  1.   Todoist

Todoist is a Chrome extension that helps us create to-do lists, keep track of our projects and manage tasks directly from our browser. We can set due dates so we can monitor multiple deadlines, it can also help us prioritize tasks. With Todoist, we can easily micromanage our workloads and collaborations.




  1.   StayFocused

When it’s too hard to fight the temptation to check social media or to watch videos, StayFocused may be the best extension for you. It can put restrictions on the length of time you’re allowed to be on those non-work related sites.





  1.   LastPass

With all the tasks, systems, tools and knowledge we have to keep in mind, sometimes we don’t have the extra space for small details anymore, like remembering passwords. That’s where LastPass comes in. You can save all your usernames and passwords, even other files and documents. It can even help you do your online shopping a lot easier with its capacity to create credit cards and shopping profiles. You can access it using any gadgets, anywhere. The only thing you need to remember is your LastPass password.




  1.   Extensions Manager

With all the extensions available for us, Extensions Manager will be the best help we can get to keep all of them organized. It can show you which ones are running and hide some of the icons.  

There are still a lot of Extensions available for individuals who work remotely that can help with their efficiency. There are some that can even optimize the functions of their web apps.  Give your clients the assurance that you are giving them the best service with the help of these extensions.



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