How prepared are you to become a Virtual Assistant?

How prepared are you to become a Virtual Assistant?

In the digital marketing world, your online availability is highly essential. So, what if you all of a sudden lost your internet connection and just as you are about to start your typically convenient workday? Are you prepared? The answer should be “Yes!”. You cannot afford to be offline because every second you are online counts.

Here are some requirements you need to have to avoid unnecessary panic when things go wrong with your home setup. This goes to aspiring virtual assistants or newbies in the field.

  1. Backup connection. A virtual assistant must have another source of internet connection. Ideally, you must have a backup source like another ISP, mobile data, or prepaid broadband. It can also be your neighbor’s or relative’s. This means that you don’t really need to get two internet service providers. Normally, the specifications of the backup connection are outlined by the client in every job post which will allow you to be prepared before you start to submit any job application.
  2. Backup computer or laptop. This is very important especially when your main computer or laptop is acting up or is having technical issues. It is better to be prepared for anything than lose hours of work.
  3. Backup power supply. If you live in an area where power outage or interruption is rampant then you definitely have to invest on a backup power supply. This includes a backup laptop battery when you are using a laptop or a generator when necessary. Remember, you have to be online for the entire shift and a full time virtual assistant requires at least 8 hours of work.
  4. Backup location. If all of the above tips are not available, then a backup location is your option. However, you have to keep in mind that you cannot be offline for a long period of time, so the travel time should be kept to a minimum. You have to choose the nearest location.

When the odds are not in your favor and all else still fail, you can opt to work in an “Office Workspace”. The setup is similar to that of a computer shop without the computers. Yes, you have to bring your own and they will provide you with a stable internet connection and sometimes unlimited coffee for a very affordable price. A typical workspace has hotdesks, cubicles and a meeting lounge.

Virtual assistants perform a wide variety of tasks. On top of self-preparation, you should also be prepared when things go wrong. There is no limit to what you can do or learn, so the services that you can offer is endless and that makes virtual assistants an incomparable partner of clients who run their own business. Are you prepared enough to be one?


Contributor: Dorothy Am Bernados