How To Get Paid as a Freelancer in the Philippines

How To Get Paid as a Freelancer in the Philippines

To work at the convenience of your own home, or any place in the planet as a matter of fact, to be your own boss, to wear whatever you want, to develop a talent or skill you never knew you had in you while getting paid for it and best of all, NO TRAFFIC! These are just few of the many benefits of doing freelance work. Working from home or doing remote jobs is beginning to be a top option for Filipinos as a line of work, but how does one get paid?


Like any other job, we have to make sure that we get are. And, since most of the these are done online and some would even come from overseas, how do we make sure we get the most out of it after all the bank fees, transaction fees and currency conversion?

Below are some of the most highly recommended modes of payment available to Filipino freelancers:


According to an article in Small Business, this is easiest, quickest and least expensive way to get paid. You get paid by simply transferring money from your client account to yours. It may take a few business days but once the money gets to your account, it’s already there. No need to make any other transfers just to make it available to you. One disadvantage though is that not all banks offer the capacity to transfer or to receive money to or from another bank, more so a bank in another country. And most employers would prefer to transact using just one platform.

  1.    PAYPAL

This is probably the top choice among all available modes of payment online, not only for freelancers for any other transactions well. And with their long years of experience, they give the assurance of efficiency and security. However, their fees can be very high, especially for international transactions. And you still need to cover for fees for transferring the funds from your PayPal to your bank account.

  1.    PAYONEER

This is another top pick among payment platforms since aside from getting your payment, you can also send out invoices and billings. They are known to have funds reflect right away no matter where they came from.

  1.    SKRILL

Skrill is very much like PayPal although it doesn’t have the capability of making online shopping payments.  It supports more countries and it can also process payments instantly.


This mode of payment as discussed in, includes GCash, Smart Money, PayMaya, and even Western Union. Some may offer Visa or Mastercard debit cards that can be used for online, POS payments and can also be used to withdraw cash from an ATM. You just need to find which one is most convenient for you. 

With all the options available right now it can be overwhelming, but with all the perks you can get as a freelancer and with advance technology nowadays, getting your hard-earned money should not become to much of a hassle for you. Besides, as a freelancer, one of your foremost skill is finding the easiest and fastest way to get things done, right?

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