Search Engine Optimization

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Google AdWords or Google Ads is a platform where companies pay to have their website ranked at the top of a search engine results page, based on keywords. 

Google loves big brand names in their organic search rankings. So unless  you’re a big brand or until you are one, it’s going to be difficult to outrank the big names in the search engine results page. 

AdWords lets you cheat, so to speak. Instead of waiting around for your ranking to grow organically, or building up a myriad of content and links over time, you can jump straight to the #1 position on the Google Search Pages.

This module provides newbies a basic walkthrough on how to use Google Ads.

It will discuss the following:

  • What  Google Ads is
  • How to Create a Campaign
  • Creating a Test Ad
  • Use of the Keyword Planner

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