The Top 7 Marketing Skills

The Top 7 Marketing Skills

Marketing is vital to any business.  It is the essential way to reach the end goal of a business.  Nowadays, businesses hire virtual assistants to do this job.  Business owners or clients are very meticulous to hire people for marketing their business.  It’s imperative that they need the essential skills to be a successful Marketing Virtual Assistant.    In the Philippines, marketing virtual assistants are becoming a trend but what are the skills needed to become one?

I’ve come across the several blog sites and these are the top 7 Skills you need in Marketing.

  • Creativity – you must be creative to be a great marketing assistant. Being creative is not limited to be able to design great layouts or posters but you must make sure that your target audience understand and can relate to what you’re trying to say.
  • Excellent Communication Skills – of course this is important as one needs to have excellent communication skills to relay the message
  • Strong Analytical Skills – a great marketer needs to understand the market and the target audience. He/she should be able to analyze data and interpret it in such a way to determine where and when to focus their marketing strategy.
  • Organizational Skills – you need to balance many tasks efficiently and effectively. You have to be highly organized, know how to prioritize things and has great time management skills.
  • Technology Savvy – everyone is using the internet in almost everything. In this digital age, people spend more time in using the internet more than reading newspaper, so a great marketing person should be tech savvy.
  • Ability to Multitask – marketing field is a very fast paced environment. You need to have the ability to multitask to get the jobs done on time and efficiently.
  • Great Team Player – in marketing you usually work with someone. This is majority of the setup of a marketing business to exchange ideas and improve their communication plan.

These 7 Skills needed in Marketing are actually the expectations to be a Marketing Assistant but these are useless if you don’t have the PASSION in doing what you do.  As Confucius said “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Contributor: Mary Grace Macalolot