Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Tolerate

Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Tolerate

Entrepreneurs have a never-ending job when it comes to learning and discipline. They strive with eagerness to be on a roll. They surrender negative habits and push themselves to be as far as they can. If you are aspiring to be a successful entrepreneur this should be on your list. As per Glenn Neasham, here are the things a successful entrepreneur should never tolerate:


Sleeping during work hours.

These successful people cannot tolerate inactivity, and it slows them down. These people cannot just sit it out even they feel overwhelmed and tired. They have to constantly push themselves to acquire new skills. Time is the most valuable fortune you have to make the most out of it. Focus yourself on what you can do right now than waste your time to go backward.

Being Ordinary

Entrepreneur pursues greatness. Being ordinary is unsatisfactory. They have to be moldable in the constant changes and keep up with the pace. With this mentality, it allows them to advance and whip out withstanding decisions.


Not impressed
Negativity affects your productivity.

People with passion and eagerness to be successful doesn’t tolerate negativity in their life. Entrepreneurs focus on their life purpose and not entertain negativity come their way. Negativity brings people down and it attracts toxic mortals. Entertaining something that can pull you down is such a waste of time instead remain positive in the light of negativity.


Habits like this throw you down the drain. Successful people have no time for chaos, it’s a poison to all human beings.


Ordinary people easily quit and successful entrepreneur don’t. They always work with extra effort. People with determination after a storm will always stand with the head up high and focus on the goal. To find success, one must be willing to keep pushing through victory.

These are just some of the things an entrepreneur never tolerate. And I, as a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, understand the importance of these behaviors because my clients’ success is my achievement. Our sacrifices enable us to be on top of our goals. Success means never-ending learning.


Contributor: Monica Reyes