Tips in Handling Objections when Prospecting

Tips in Handling Objections when Prospecting

In Real Estate, prospecting is where it all starts.  Getting tired of hearing “NO” from your potential leads when you prospect? You might be jumping the gun and doing it the wrong way.  Handling objections is an art. Here are some tips you can follow to get those leads.

5 Key Things to Remember

1. Listen
2. Acknowledge
3. Educate
4. Get the buy in
5. Close

5 Steps Explained

“A desire can overcome all objections and obstacles.” – unknown

  1. Listen

This is often forgotten when trying to Prospect.  We just lay out all we want to say and do not let the potential lead rant out or tell you what is happening.  Hence you get a “NO” when you haven’t even started. You have to identify the need of the lead. If there’s a history to take note of, any past experiences that the person had that may contribute to the objection/s.  This is your starting point. Take advantage of it. What do they desire with their real estate property?

  1. Acknowledge

Like any other situation, you have to acknowledge before the potential lead would even stop and listen to YOU. Empathize if the lead had a bad experience from another agent.  Remember you have to overcome that bad experience by showing you understand what they may have gone through. It’s not easy to be on the other end of the short stick but you have to do this so you can move on with your intention.  Which is….


  1. Educate

After everything you’ve heard, process this and maybe instead of a “NO” what your lead needs is a “KNOW”. Have you tried to share information instead of just telling them what you want?  What was the “need” when you started out with the conversation? Target that need with a solution.


  1. Get the buy in

Buy In Meaning – the fact of agreeing with and accepting something that someone suggests: ~ Cambridge Dictionary.

Unless you get support with your goal, then this is where you got other objections. You first have to follow step 1-3 to “open” the lead to your goal which is to sell their house or buy a home and get you as their agent.  You can get the buy in if you are able to answer the need / resolve the past experience. Leverage on this. Without the buy in, you may stop now and cut your losses.

When you do get the buy in, that’s when you….


  1. Close –

Get the appointment set.  After all your hard work and you were not able to secure the appointment then your efforts are useless.


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Contributor: Stella Marie S.