Working from Home: How Lazy Became Cozy

Working from Home: How Lazy Became Cozy

This changed my work and life forever. How lazy became cozy.

Alarm beeping in descending manner at 6 pm, it’s raining outside and the mouthwatering aroma of stew in the kitchen makes going to work the last option. But… good news! I actually don’t have an option really! So, I got up, still drowsy with just a 4-hour sleep and sore muscles because of the basketball game I attended after a late night shift before I actually went home.

10 pm. that’s when the bell rang. I have to be on my desk with my game face on for another 9 hours. So, I headed on to the shower and turned it on quickly so my lazy soul will ascend quickly to its working senses. No time to waste so I dug in quickly to the food on the table without giving myself the privilege to really let the taste linger in my taste buds. I just stuffed all I can into my mouth. I had the urge to get my hands on some sweet and inviting dessert but I decided to put it in my bag and bring it to the office for later. I hope it’s worth it. I then quickly dressed up with my usual tattered jeans and relaxing cotton shirt. As I was tying favorite sneakers on, I realized that it’s a Wednesday and I have to wear business clothes. That would be last on the list if I were to choose.  My commute took a good 4 hours. During which I remembered an ad posted by The VA hub about working from home.


I read the comments after work and decided to send my resume in the link to apply. Everything went well; from phone to Skype interview. A few days after that, I found myself in my own little room: training. I passed every evaluation and got the job which was the turning point of everything! I was able to save a lot of money from travel and food expenses, plus I get to wear anything around from casual to “just woke up” clothes. A lot of time was spared because there’s no need to commute and be stuck in traffic for long periods of time so I have more time with my family and friends. I play basketball twice a week now and still have a lot of time to rest and regain. The best part is… I can afford to snooze that annoying alarm 5 times before I get up; my workplace is just in the other room.


Contributor: Arnie Q.